Hours-to-date are not adding correctly on the Learning Record?
The body of the learning record is separate from the header (attendance, etc.) If you changed the hours spent on a course, the total LR hours to date will not recalculate until you leave the page and return or click on the refresh button located at the top.

Want to limit what program directors see?
Simply add the director to a student's schedule under 'Additional Teachers', then assign a teacher login account to that director. When logging in with this account, the director's student list in the teacher module will include all students he/she is named as an additional teacher.

Course not appearing on a Learning Record?
There are several reasons a course may not appear on a learning record:
  • The course was added after the learning record was created.
  • The course-add amendment was still pending when the learning record was created.
  • The course dates fall outside the learning period dates for the learning record.
  • The course had not been added to the course list.
In any case, click the blue oval Refresh button located on the Learning Record header bar. Any course ready to be added to the learning record will appear.

Can't Find a Demographics Record you Entered?
If you're sure you entered a student, parent, etc., but can't find the person on the list, click on the Misc. button located in the Jump To box to see a list of misfit entries, a name that begins with a character other than a letter in the alphabet (i.e. space, number, comma, etc.) Once you correct it, the name will appear in the expected list.
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